Who We Are

Airdrie Disc Golf Club is a not for profit organization located in the City of Airdrie. As a group we are working to help grow the community of Disc Golf in the local area.

What is Disc Golf?

Disc golf, also known as Frisbee golf, is a game played just like traditional “ball” golf, except with flying discs and chain baskets as targets.

The goal? “The most fun wins!” (“Steady” Ed Headrick, the “Father of Disc Golf”)

This short video gives a great explanation of the game, and a peek into the world of professional players:

Where do I play?

Disc golf courses are usually installed in public parks and are usually free to play, although some courses charge a small fee. There are several courses in the surrounding areas, but all are over half an hour drive from Airdrie.

This is why Airdrie Disc Golf Club exists – to promote the game of disc golf in Airdrie and the surrounding communities and gain enough interest from individuals and organizations to support the funding and installation of a disc golf course in the area that is free and accessible to the public. Our initial goal is to see a course installed in Airdrie, but that’s just a start! There are beautiful parks all over Alberta suitable for the installation of a disc golf course that would complement the existing recreational activities in each park.

Who can play?

Anybody! Disc golf is a lifelong sport – very low impact, and very inexpensive to start. Also, like all great games, it can be easily learned in minutes, but takes a lifetime to master, providing new challenges as you grow your skills.

Challenging, exciting, relaxing and always fun Disc Golf is a game that everyone can play. From 2 to 82 anyone and everyone can participate and have a great time while enjoying nature.  The average walk during a round of 18 is 2 km but believe us it really does not feel like it.  You will be having so much fun that it goes by quickly.  Average round takes 2 hours to play.  So a quick round can be fit into busy schedules.

Additional info

There are numerous resources available on the internet to help you learn more about the wonderful game of disc golf. We recommend you start with these, and then keep exploring!

www.pdga.com/introduction: Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA) – don’t let the word “professional” intimidate you; this organization advocates for the sport at all levels, and provides membership to amateurs and student athletes.
https://youtu.be/E5AHVh_kNvg: “What is disc golf?” video (from the PDGA)

As a club we do offer beginner training sessions and are more than happy to take new players out to courses as well as practice fields to work on basics and fundamentals.  Please contact us for more info regarding training or just to get out and try the sport.

Want to get involved with Airdrie Disc Golf Club and help grow the sport? Check out “Get Involved“!